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(Image: [[|]])← Fates Collide TCG expansions Evolutions → Steam Siege爆熱の闘士 · 冷酷の反逆者 Cards in set English: 116Japanese: 113* Set number English: 70Japanese: 65 Release date English: August 3, 2016Japanese: June 17, 2016 Theme Decks Gears of Fire ()Ring of Lightning () PreviousAwakening Psychic King Japanese:Fever-Burst Fighter · Cruel Traitor NextExpansion Pack 20th Anniversary Pokémon TCG: XY—Steam Siege (Japanese: 爆熱の闘士 · 冷酷の反逆者 Fever-Burst Fighter · Cruel Traitor) is the name given to the fourth main expansion of cards from the International XY BREAK Series and the Japanese XY BREAK Era of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The set features the Steam Pokémon, Volcanion. Contents 1 Description 2 Information 3 Set lists 4 Pack artwork 5 In other languages 6 References Description Gear up for new ways to battle! Take control of Shiny Mega Gardevoir-EX to lay siege upon your enemies. Wield the dual powers of fire and water with the Mythical Steam Pokémon Volcanion. Use dual-type Pokémon to open the way to new, powerful strategies, and battle with the incredible Xerneas BREAK and Yveltal BREAK... all in the Pokémon TCG: XY—Steam Siege expansion![1] Information Steam Siege, and the Japanese equivalent Fever-Burst Fighter · Cruel Traitor, are the twelfth and eleventh expansions of the English XY Series and the Japanese XY Era, respectively, and the fourth of XY BREAK. The set continues to feature Mega Evolution as powerful Pokémon-EX and marks the debut of the Steam Pokémon Volcanion in the TCG. It was released in Japan on June 17, 2016, and on August 3, 2016 in English. Steam Siege contains 116 cards, while Fever-Burst Fighter · Cruel Traitor have 59 cards per set, with a total of 113 different cards between both sets. The expansion reintroduces dual-type cards to the TCG, a mechanic last seen in the Triumphant expansion of the HeartGold & SoulSilver Series. It also features Magearna ahead of its appearance in the Generation VII core games. Steam Siege has 6 new Pokémon-EX, including 2 Mega Evolution Pokémon, 7 new Pokémon BREAK cards, and 8 dual-type Pokémon cards. Additional cards No. Image Card name Type Rarity Promotion 11/114 Shiftry [[Image:Rarity_.png|]] Cosmos Holo Sun & Moon Knock Out Collection exclusive 15/114 Volcarona 1st Place Reverse Holo Pokémon League League Challenge promo 2nd Place Reverse Holo Pokémon League League Challenge promo 3rd Place Reverse Holo Pokémon League League Challenge promo 4th Place Reverse Holo Pokémon League League Challenge promo 25/114 Volcanion Reverse Holo Pokémon League promo Cracked Ice Holo Gears of Fire Theme Deck exclusive 40/114 Ampharos Non Holo Ring of Lightning Theme Deck exclusive 51/114 Hoopa Cracked Ice Holo Ring of Lightning Theme Deck exclusive 64/114 Bisharp 65/114 Yveltal 73/114 Klinklang Non Holo Gears of Fire Theme Deck exclusive 81/114 Xerneas 103/114 Ninja Boy Su Reverse Holo League Cup promo 104/114 Pokémon Ranger Reverse Holo Regional Championships 2016 promo Set lists Steam Siege 1/114 Tangela 2/114 Tangrowth 3/114 Hoppip 4/114 Skiploom 5/114 Jumpluff 6/114 Yanma 7/114 Yanmega 8/114 9/114 Seedot 10/114 Nuzleaf 12/114 Foongus 13/114 Amoonguss 14/114 Larvesta 16/114 Ponyta 17/114 Rapidash 18/114 Chimchar 19/114 Monferno 20/114 Infernape 21/114 Talonflame 22/114 Litleo 23/114 Pyroar 24/114 26/114 27/114 Mantine 28/114 Shellos 29/114 Gastrodon 30/114 Oshawott 31/114 Dewott 32/114 Samurott 33/114 Clauncher 34/114 Clawitzer 35/114 36/114 Bergmite 37/114 Avalugg 38/114 Mareep 39/114 Flaaffy 41/114 Joltik 42/114 Galvantula 43/114 Nidoran♂ 44/114 Nidorino 45/114 Nidoking 46/114 Drifloon 47/114 Drifblim 48/114 Litwick 49/114 Lampent 50/114 Chandelure 52/114 Mankey 53/114 Primeape 54/114 Nosepass 55/114 Probopass 56/114 Anorith 57/114 Armaldo 58/114 Croagunk 59/114 Toxicroak 60/114 Sneasel 61/114 Weavile 62/114 Spiritomb 63/114 Pawniard 66/114 67/114 Steelix 68/114 69/114 Shieldon 70/114 Bastiodon 71/114 Klink 72/114 Klang 74/114 Cobalion 75/114 Magearna 76/114 Marill 77/114 Azumarill 78/114 Gardevoir 79/114 80/114 Klefki 82/114 83/114 Druddigon 84/114 Deino 85/114 Zweilous 86/114 Hydreigon 87/114 88/114 Meowth 89/114 Persian 90/114 Aipom 91/114 Ambipom 92/114 Rufflet 93/114 Braviary 94/114 Fletchling 95/114 Fletchinder 96/114 97/114 Hawlucha 98/114 Armor Fossil Shieldon I 99/114 Captivating Poké Puff 100/114 Claw Fossil Anorith 101/114 Gardevoir Spirit Link 102/114 Greedy Dice 105/114 Special Charge 106/114 Steelix Spirit Link 107/114 108/114 109/114 110/114 111/114 112/114 113/114 114/114 Professor Sycamore 115/114 116/114 Fever-Burst Fighter 001/054 002/054 003/054 004/054 005/054 006/054 007/054 008/054 009/054 010/054 011/054 012/054 013/054 014/054 015/054 016/054 017/054 018/054 019/054 020/054 021/054 022/054 023/054 024/054 025/054 026/054 027/054 028/054 029/054 030/054 031/054 032/054 033/054 034/054 035/054 036/054 037/054 038/054 039/054 040/054 041/054 042/054 043/054 044/054 045/054 046/054 047/054 048/054 049/054 050/054 051/054 052/054 053/054 054/054 055/054 056/054 057/054 058/054 059/054 Cruel Traitor Pack artwork Japanese Fever-Burst Fighter Pack Japanese Cruel Traitor Pack The Sneak-Peek Tins In other languages Language Title French Offensive Vapeur German Dampfkessel Italian Vapori Accesi Korean 타오르는 투사 Taoreuneun Tusa냉혹한 반역자 Naenghokan Banyeokja Brazilian Portuguese Cerco de Vapor Russian Паровая Осада Parovaya Osada Spanish Asedio de Vapor References ↑ go inhalt, [[|Spiele kostenlos google pokemon pets]],-tcg/xy-steam-siege/explore-and-watch/ This article is part of Project TCG, a Bulbapedia project that aims to report on every aspect of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. 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DeckHidden PowersColorful LegendsMiracle of the LakesGuardians of Ancient TimesBW Black Star PromosEvolution of Grass • Evolution of Fire • Evolution of WaterXY-P Black Star PromosEvolution of Chespin • Evolution of Fennekin • Evolution of FroakieRaichu BREAK Half Deck • Noivern BREAK Half DeckSM-P Promos Source :

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