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====== Pen Testing ====== [[|Penetration Testing Books]] [[|Penetration Testing Distributions]] [[|Vulnerability Scanners]] [[|Static Analyzers]] [[|Web Scanners]] [[|Web Application Penetration Testing Cheat Sheet]] [[|Network Tools]] [[|Wireless Tools]] [[|Transport Layer Tools]] [[|Web Exploitation Tools]] [[|Hex Editors]] [[|File Format Analysis Tools]] [[|Defense Evasion Tools]] [[|Windows Utilities]] [[|Linux Utilities]] [[|Security Auditing Tool for Unix/Linux Systems]] [[|macOS Utilities]] [[|DDoS Tools]] [[|Social Engineering Tools]] [[|OSINT Tools]] [[|Anonymity Tools]] [[|Reverse Engineering Tools]] [[|Physical Access Tools]] [[|Side Channel Tools]] [[|CTF Tools]] [[|Pen Testing Report Templates]] [[|Pen Testing wiki]] [[|Penetration Testing & Hacking Tools List]] [[|Most Important Security Tools and Resources For Security Researcher and Malware Analyst]] [[|My go-to list as a security professional]] =========Pen testing distros======= [[|Kali]] [[|Parrot]] [[|Tails]] [[|Qubes]] ==========Pen Testing Framework========= [[|Metasploit]] [[|Metasploit Reqs]] [[|Samurai Web Testing Framework]] [[|OWASP Python Security Project]]

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