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 [[https://​​enaqx/​awesome-pentest#​gnulinux-utilities|Linux Utilities]] [[https://​​enaqx/​awesome-pentest#​gnulinux-utilities|Linux Utilities]]
 +[[https://​​lynis/​|Security Auditing Tool for Unix/Linux Systems]]
 [[https://​​enaqx/​awesome-pentest#​macos-utilities|macOS Utilities]] [[https://​​enaqx/​awesome-pentest#​macos-utilities|macOS Utilities]]
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 [[https://​​posts/​my-go-to-list-as-a-security-professional-steve-hollands?​|My go-to list as a security professional]] [[https://​​posts/​my-go-to-list-as-a-security-professional-steve-hollands?​|My go-to list as a security professional]]
 +[[https://​​hacking-tools-list/​|A Complete Penetration Testing & Hacking Tools List | 2020]]
 =========Pen testing distros======= =========Pen testing distros=======
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